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Five Minute French: French Phrases to Use in February

I’m excited to introduce you to a brand new feature here on Life in Rural France. It’s our ‘Five Minute French’ lesson segment.

We’ve teamed up with Julie Frey, a native French teacher, to bring you a quick monthly French lesson to help you master phrases you can use in everyday life. Julie specialises in French for English speaking Expats.

February is one of my least favourite months of the year along with January. It’s one of those months that’s often cold and grey. The sun doesn’t make as many appearances as it should and it rains a lot.

Traditionally though, February is the month of love. So it would be wrong if we didn’t include at least one little phrase for Valentine’s Day.

“Le 14 février, c’est La Saint Valentin en France : la fête de l’amour et des amoureux. ”

Valentine's Day

(February 14th is Valentine’s day in France: the day for love and people in love.)

French Phrases to Use in February

Following on with the theme of love here’s some phrases you can use for a little bit of self-care in February.

Posez un jour de congé. (Take a day off)

Faites la grasse matinée. (Sleep in)

Mangez votre plat préféré. (Eat your favourite food)

Buvez un grand verre d’une boisson qui vous réchauffera. (Drink a big glass of something to warm you up.)

Prenez un bain. (Take a bath)

Prenez rendez-vous un massage. (Make an appointment for a massage)

Lisez un bon bouquin. (Read a good book)

Regardez un film romantique à souhait. (Watch a romantic movie)

Dansez et chantez à fond votre chanson préférée. (Dance and sing to your favourite song)

Invitez vos amis pour un apéro. (Invite your friends for a drink)


Posez = Take something off
Faites (la grasse matinée)= Sleep in
Prenez= Have
Mangez = Eat
Buvez= Drink
Prenez (rendez-vous) = Book
Lisez = Read
Regarder = Watch
Dansez= Dance
Chantez= Sing
Invitez= Invite


Un jour de congé= A day off
Votre plat préféré= your favourite plate
Réchauffer= to warm
Un bouquin [bukɛ̃](familier)= a book
à souhait = as…as can be
à fond = as loud as possible
Un apéro (familier)= an aperitif

““Chaque jour de ta vie est un feuillet de ton histoire que tu écris.“ ”

Phrase of the Month

Every day of your life is a sheet of your story that you write.

À bientôt et merci beaucoup!

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