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Living the French Dream….The Good, The Bad, and The Hilarious

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Five Minute French: French Phrases to Use in March

Learning to speak French is a must if you want to move to France. Living as I do in rural France it’s even more important. If you want to be accepted into your village you have to at least try, even if you get it wrong. You’ll be forgiven most things as long as you attempt to speak French.

Our resident French teacher, Julie Frey, is back to help us with some phrases for us to use in March.

Spring is nearly here and there’s that wonderful feeling of rebirth in the air. We’re starting to feel more warmth from the sun and the birds are venturing out and singing again. It’s a feeling of hope and as though anything is possible.

Here in France, we celebrate Grandmother’s Day on Sunday, March 5th – Fête des Grands-Mères.

And around the world, on March 8th, it’s International Women’s Day.

“A Woman's right to vote (droit de vote) and a Woman's right to work (droit de travail) ”

International Women's Day

French Phrases to Use in March

Time to get you up and motivated and ready to enjoy the month. Leave the warmth of the fire and venture enjoy your surroundings.

Écoutons les oiseaux qui chantent. (Listen to the birds sing)

Observons les arbres qui bourgeonnent et fleurissent. (Let’s observe the trees in bloom)

Admirons les jonquilles qui ornent les jardins. (Let’s admire the daffodils in the garden)

Sentons l’odeur de l’herbe coupée. (Let’s smell the cut grass)

Faisons une balade pour profiter de l’extérieur. (Let’s take a walk to enjoy the ouside)

Profitons des jours qui rallongent et l’air qui se réchauffe. (Let’s enjoy the longer days and warmer air.)

Disons à nos grand-mères qu’on les aime. (Let’s tell our grandmothers that we love them.)

Motivons-nous à entreprendre des projets qui nous animent. (Let’s motivate ourselves to undertake projects that animate us.)

Prenons un café en terrasse. (Let’s have a coffee on the terrace)

Faisons un grand ménage de printemps dans la maison. (Let’s do some spring cleaning in the house.)

What’s your favourite thing about Spring?


Fleurir= to blossom
Admirer= to admire
Orner= to decorate
Sentir = to smell
Profiter= to enjoy
Rallonger= getting longer
Se réchauffer= to warm
Dire = tell
Aimer = love
Se motiver = get motvated
Entreprendre = undertake to do something
Animer = motivate
Prendre (un café) = let’s have (a coffee)
Faire une balade = Have a walk


Les oiseaux = birds
Les arbres = Trees
Les jonquilles = daffodils
l’odeur = The smell
l’herbe coupée= the cut grass
Les jours = days
nos grand-mères = our grandmothers
des projets= plans
en terrasse = a terrace or patio
Le ménage de printemps= spring clean
l’extérieur = outside

“Ils ne savaient pas que c'était impossible, alors ils l'ont fait.”

Mark Twian

They did not know it was impossible so they did it.

À bientôt et merci beaucoup!

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