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Living the French Dream….The Good, The Bad, and The Hilarious

A picture with lots of French things to help with French phrases for April

Five Minute French: French Phrases to Use in April

Ready to learn some French phrases to use in April? I’ll be the first to admit that I have struggled to learn French, despite doing it at school.

Nothing about the language feels natural to me, so these five minute French lessons are a Godsend.

In fact, I even joined a French line dancing group to help improve my French.

Our resident French teacher, Julie Frey, is back to help us with some phrases to use in April.

And of course, in April we have so many things we can focus on. From April Fools Day to Easter and that feeling that Spring has finally sprung, there is hope all around us.

Here in France, April Fools Day is slightly different.

Instead of telling a joke, the joke is played using a paper fish. The idea is to stick as many of them down people’s backs as possible and then run away shouting “Poisson d’Avril” (April Fish!).

Below is a French proverb I rather like, which is similar to April showers bring May flowers. Only this one is referring more to the unpredictability of warm weather in April – literally translated as ‘warm weather in April isn’t to be trusted’.

“En avril, ne te découvre pas d'un fil ”

French Proverb

French Phrases to Use in April

Easter is nearly here. Families all across France gather to share a meal and spend time together.

And of course, the Easter Bells (les cloches de Pâques) hide chocolate eggs in gardens for the kids to find, a great French tradition slightly different from the Easter Egg hunts we’re used to. Easter in France is such a fun time.

Faisons une blague aux gens qu’on aime le 1er avril. (Let’s make a joke to people we love on the 1st of April.)

Et crions « Poisson d’avril » quand la personne découvre la blague ! (And let’s shout « April Fish » when the person finds out the joke!)

Enfin, rions un bon coup ensemble ! (Finally, let’s have a good laugh together!)

Organisons un repas de famille pour Pâques. (Let’s organise a family Easter meal)

Mangeons le plat d’agneau et passons un beau moment ensemble ! (Let’s eat the lamb dish and let’s have a good time together.)

Et partons, petits et grands, à la chasse aux œufs de Pâques que les Cloches ont déposé dans le jardin. (And let’s go, young and old, on a hunt for the Easter eggs that the Bells have dropped off in the garden)

Faisons durer le plaisir en profitant du lundi de Pâques qui est férié! (Let’s draw out the pleasure by taking advantage of Easter Monday which is a holiday)

Are you a chocolate fan too?


faire une blague = make a joke
crier = to shout
décrouvrir = to find out
rire un bon coup = to have a good laugh
rire = to laugh
organiser = to organise
manger= to eat
passer un bon moment = to spend a good time
partir = to go
déposer= to pdrop off
faire durer le plaisir= to draw out the pleasur


Pâques = Easter
L’agneau= the lamb
La chasse aux œufs de Pâques= The Easter eggs hunt
le jardin = the garden
férié = public holiday

“Dans la vie, rien n'est à craindre, tout est à comprendre.”

Marie Curie

Nothing in life is to be feared, it is only to be understood.

À bientôt et merci beaucoup!

You can follow Julie's French Class using the icons below.

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