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Life in Rural France

Living the French Dream….The Good, The Bad, and The Hilarious

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Living in France | Your Overseas Home Virtual Event

Dreaming of living in France? Not sure how to go about it or the steps you need to take? Feeling a bit overwhelmed and like you’ll never get to live the French dream?

I get it completely. Hubby and I were lucky enough to move to the Charente region in South West France before the complexities of Brexit. Even so there were a lot of things we hadn’t thought about, didn’t know, or had simply overlooked. 

I will say though, that for all the hard work, stress, and sleepless nights I wouldn’t change it for a second. I love my life here in rural France and although it’s certainly had its ups and downs, I’m pleased to say there’s been more ups than downs.

Green field with a pathway leading to a French rural village with a church

After six, nearly seven, years I feel completely at home and get that lovely feeling wash over me every time I come back from an overseas trip. That feeling of “I’m home”.

So although it might seem like an impossible dream with all the hoops you have to jump through, it doesn’t have to be.

Whatever your circumstance, whether it’s retiring to France, moving to France with a family or simply relocating to France for a bit of the good life, you may need some help. 

And if you have access to WiFi and a device to connect to it, then help is at hand.

Living in France Virtual Event

On Saturday March 25th, Your Overseas Home, an independent specialist in purchasing overseas homes, will be hosting a live virtual event. Just like an in person exhibition except it’s online.

There’s no travel involved. Which means no stressful journey, parking, finding somewhere to stay etc. You can choose the time you want to log in and even have a glass of Bordeaux in your hand whilst you’re at it.

It’s a completely free event with 25 virtual exhibitors all waiting to talk to you and answer your questions. You can chat with experts in real estate, foreign exchange, property law, solicitors, removal companies and more. You can schedule a call in advance or chat in real time using the chat function. 

Whatever stage you’re at whether you’ve found a property or are still in the dreaming stage, you’ll find it helpful. France isn’t the only destination featured; there’ll also be information on Italy, Portugal, Spain, Greece and Cyprus.

The team at Your Overseas Home will also be hosting seminars you can attend throughout the day.

What you can do at the event

    • Find available property 
    • Meet trusted lawyers & IFAs
    • Attend informational seminars
    • Download up-to-date
    • Chat with real estate agents
    • Make appointments with experts
    • Get ALL your questions answered

Your Overseas Home Virtual Event Details

Date: Saturday 25th of March

Time: 8am – 4pm

Place: Online

Tickets: Get your FREE tickets by clicking here >>>

Peace of mind is important when moving home, but even more so if it’s something as big as moving to France. Your Overseas Home have vetted their partners and know their level of service, expertise and knowledge.

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Life in Rural France