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Category: Living in France

Living the French Dream….The Good, The Bad, and The Hilarious

French drawing with all items you'll find in France

Five Minute French: French Phrases to Use in March

Learning to speak French is a must if you want to move to France. Living as I do in rural France it’s even more important. If you want to be accepted into your village you have to at least try, even if you get it wrong. You’ll be forgiven most

The front gates of a French school

UK Expat in France: What are the schools like in France?

When we first relocated to France there were a million little things that operated differently from the UK – and there was no one to explain how things worked. Luckily (after a lot of struggling) we figured it all out, and are now living the French dream out here in

A man and woman in a field of sunflowers with their arms up

Living in France | Your Overseas Home Virtual Event

Dreaming of living in France? Not sure how to go about it or the steps you need to take? Feeling a bit overwhelmed and like you’ll never get to live the French dream? I get it completely. Hubby and I were lucky enough to move to the Charente region in

Living in France Quiz

Do you daydream about living in France and indulging in a fabulous French lifestyle?

Life in Rural France