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Category: Expat Interviews

Living the French Dream….The Good, The Bad, and The Hilarious

Husband and wife with two children stood in a field of sunflowers in rural France

Living the rural French life in Civray | Expat Living in France

Making the move to rural France can be a daunting prospect, especially with a young family. Your head is filled with fields of sunflowers, rolling hills and gorgeous scenery, but the reality is often a little different. I know that if someone had told me when I was 30 I’d

A lady in a white body suit looking after bees

From Yorkshire to the Vienne and Keeping Bees in France

Have you ever thought about keeping bees in France? For many of us living in rural France conjures up an image of chickens, ducks, goats and maybe some sheep. But this Yorkshire lass keeps bees in the Vienne.  And that’s not the only thing she does. Amanda is no stranger

A bridge over a river in Paris - Pont Neuf

Living the Parisian Lifestyle | From Puerto Rica to Paris

As Francophiles I think most of us have dreamt about living a Parisian Lifestyle at some point. The effortlessly chic people, the cafe culture and of course all that wonderful architecture. The City of Lights is the stuff dreams are made of. But what’s the reality like? Is it all

Living in France Quiz

Do you daydream about living in France and indulging in a fabulous French lifestyle?

Life in Rural France